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Special Needs Dentistry In New Jersey

Old Bridge, East Brunswick & Sayreville

Caring for children means caring for all children. At KidZdent, our doctors and team have all undergone additional training as a compliment to our expertise in pediatric dentistry to ensure that we can comfortably and effectively treat children with special needs throughout Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Sayreville and all of New Jersey. While our core goal as pediatric dentists is to ensure that all the children in our office receive the best dental care possible, exceptional children often require a more sensitive approach and additional care to ensure that they do not encounter dental health problems later in life.

A Dental Practice for Everyone

KidZdent Old Bridge Special Needs Dentistry

As an international speaker for special needs dentistry and with a background in education, Dr. Brunsden leads our office in delivering gentle pediatric dental care for patients with special needs. Parents and caregivers can enjoy the peace of mind that their child is receiving the best care possible. Our entire Old Bridge team has undergone training to ensure that special patients receive the care they need, whether they exhibit mild, moderate, or severe conditions. Our office is highly qualified in treating exceptional children for everything from regular cleanings to filling cavities.

The Dental Dilemma

Autism presents a unique challenge for healthcare professionals. Children with autism require and deserve all of the dental services provided to the typical child, but are often neglected because:

They are often orally sensitive making at-home dental care difficult and often impossible

Parents avoid the dentist due to preconceived fears about difficulties associated with routine visits

Autistic children have oral habits such as chewing and biting which can negatively affect dentition

Correction of a poor bite is perceived as next to impossible

Frequent trauma from accidents injures the front teeth of autistic children

Behavioral management is often rewarded with decay-creating sugary snacks

Poor eating habits as well as pacification eating and drinking of sugary foods

Comfort through Education and Understanding 

One of the primary ways in which our Old Bridge pediatric dental practice strives to make children with special needs comfortable is by helping to set their expectations. We invite the parents of our patients with special needs to walk through our Social Story available on our website. This guide will not only let your child know what to expect, but can be printed out as well, allowing your child to go over the steps of their appointments by themselves.

KidZdent also encourages desensitization visits for your children, helping them acclimate to social interaction with their dentist at their own pace. This visit acts as a dry run for their eventual dental appointment, helping make your child feel comfortable with our office and better understand what to expect when they visit. Our office is also available to help parents in finding ways to keep their children’s teeth clean between visits, even offering tips on our YouTube channel.

Options for Sedation

While many of our efforts to cater to your exceptional child’s needs are based on “gradual desensitization,” our office also provides a range of behavioral management solutions designed for each child's special health care needs, ranging from Applied Behavioral Analysis concepts of training and development, to a series of sedation options.

Our Old Bridge special needs dentists provide nitrous oxide, in-office oral sedation, as well as intra-venous sedation provided by our anesthesiologist, where indicated.

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Our team at KidZdent is committed to providing children with high quality pediatric and orthodontic dental care while accounting for their unique needs and levels of comfort. For additional questions or to schedule an appointment, please call our office today. We are proud to serve children from in and around Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Sayreville and the surrounding areas.

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