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Adult Orthodontics at KidZdent in Old Bridge

You are never too old to have an award winning smile. Many adult patients feel self-conscious about crooked, misaligned, or spacing between their teeth.  Family Orthodontics in Old Bridge, we provide a variety of orthodontic treatment options to help you feel confident about straightening your teeth. Family Orthodontics is the perfect choice for children and adults that require braces. We provide a comprehensive range of advanced techniques to help individuals achieve a smile that provides proper function and beauty. Recognizing the unique needs of adult patients, our orthodontists strive to provide discrete orthodontic strategies and treatment, so you too can gain the smile you’ve always wanted with tailored care best suiting your lifestyle.

To learn more about invisible braces or tooth-colored braces for adults, we encourage you to contact our office today to schedule a FREE consultation!

Ideal Candidates for Adult Orthodontics in Old Bridge

Undergoing adult orthodontic treatment is quite common. If you are looking to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, address functional concerns, or perhaps both, then adult orthodontics may be for you!

Even into adulthood a person can experience discomfort when eating, speaking or have an abnormal bite caused by misaligned teeth.

Do you have any of the following?

  • Over-bite
  • Under-bite
  • Cross-bite
  • Crowding
  • Excess spacing
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) pain
  • Suffered facial injuries
  • Etc.

Various types of aligners or braces can address the above issues while creating and achieving a more balanced and harmonious smile with your face to enhance your features.

Typically, when a person is over the age of seven and in good health, they can be considered for orthodontic treatment.

Fun Fact: Nearly 20 percent of all braces wearers are adults. Family Orthodontics sees patients in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and above!

We will evaluate your current oral structures and determine which treatment or procedure offers the best approach for optimal results.

Adult Braces Vs. Children’s Orthodontics

Major differences between adult and child orthodontics are that adult oral and facial structures have been fully developed making the tissues less malleable than those of children. Many adults have insufficient bone, gingivitis or limited space within their mouth so each patient needs to be assessed for a customized plan of action. On the flip side, adults can be more cooperative when it comes to treatment because their smile is really something they want to transform. Once an adult’s aesthetic/cosmetic goals are identified, and there are no other functional concerns, Family Orthodontics can tailor the treatment to optimize your outcome.

Options For Adult Orthodontics in Old Bridge

Orthodontics has very effectively evolved in the last few decades. There are many solutions available to successfully arrive at a patient’s desired outcome more comfortably and in less time than ever before. In addition to traditional braces, Family Orthodontics offers a comprehensive range of alternatives that provide the ultimate discretion. We understand having visible braces as an adult may lead to self-conscious emotions. Family Orthodontics’ customized treatment plans are designed with your unique anatomic needs (meticulously evaluated by our skilled team) and your personal preferences in mind. Our orthodontists will review each option with you until the perfect technique is agreed upon together.

Natural-Looking Orthodontic Treatments in Old Bridge-

Invisalign® Removable Trays

This orthodontic method is recommended for those whose jaws have fully matured and have the dedication to follow the regimen – making it ideally suited for adults. Invisalign clear braces/aligners can straighten your teeth while remaining under the radar; others won’t be able to notice that you’re wearing a dental appliance.

Invisalign requires its wearers to keep the trays in place for 22 hours a day, only removing them when eating or brushing their teeth. To determine if Invisalign treatment is the right option for you, our Old Bridge orthodontists examine your smile and evaluates the extent of orthodontic work you require. Invisalign clear braces are most effective for patients with mild to moderate alignment or crowding issues.

Once patients choose invisible trays and Invisalign aligners as the solution for their needs, our orthodontists take impressions of your smile and send them to the Invisalign lab. Invisalign fabricates and ships your aligners. You will return to Family Orthodontics to receive your aligners along with instructions on when to change them as you progress through your treatment.

Ceramic or Clear Bracket Braces in Old Bridge

For patients in need of complex care, but who wish to avoid silver metal orthodontics, Family Orthodontics offers ceramic, clear, or tooth-colored bracket braces. These appliances are made from high-quality materials and are color-matched to the shade of your teeth to leave you with a seamless appearance. They are also stain-resistant and will not discolor over time.

Ceramic or clear bracket braces are highly recommended by our Old Bridge orthodontists for patients who have a difficult time managing removable aligners. These discreet braces still use the same framework as traditional metal wire orthodontics to provide you with effective treatment, but offer an improved appearance for our adult patients.

Don’t Compromise Aesthetics to Gain Straight Teeth – Ask Family

Orthodontics about Adult Braces

It’s possible to achieve your ideal smile without undergoing treatment that makes you feel self-conscious. Contact Family Orthodontics today to meet with one of our orthodontists and determine which aesthetic braces option is right for you. We happily serve adults in Old Bridge with removable invisible braces and tooth-colored orthodontic appliances.