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Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics & Special Needs Dental Care


Welcome to ……… the most Trusted name in Children’s Dental Care

Pediatric Dentistry… “Caring for your child”

“As Vanisha’s mother,all I can say is, I love your office, the environment, the staff and recommend it to all I meet who have an infant or toddler. Your staff shows that it cares about my baby, they’re not just there to do a job, and that means a lot to my peace of mind”- Deepa K.

Orthodontics… “Making children smile”

“Dr. Villa and Dr. Savage are so nice, caring, and thoughtful. I love how the upstairs of your building is just for orthodontics. I love all of your different colors to choose from for my braces and most of all, I love smiling and seeing that my teeth are so straight after such a short time. I would never go anywhere else for braces”- Rachael A.

Special Needs Center… “Understanding their needs”

“I absolutely love your team – they are warm, caring, and gentle… they not only understand the needs of a kid with special needs, and a ‘normal’ child, but they understand and empathize with the overwhelmed parent. I cannot thank you enough and would recommend your office to EVERYONE!”- Sandra S.


Kidzdent joined with Autism Family Services of New Jersey to participate in the Beach Bash for Autism on Sunday, September 7th in Belmar, NJ!
At KidZdent, we love to make children SMILE!



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