Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics & Special Needs Dental Care

Welcome to ……… the most Trusted name in Children’s Dental Care

Pediatric Dentistry… “Caring for your child”

“As Vanisha’s mother,all I can say is, I love your office, the environment, the staff and recommend it to all I meet who have an infant or toddler. Your staff shows that it cares about my baby, they’re not just there to do a job, and that means a lot to my peace of mind”- Deepa K.

Orthodontics… “Making children smile”

“Dr. Villa and Dr. Savage are so nice, caring, and thoughtful. I love how the upstairs of your building is just for orthodontics. I love all of your different colors to choose from for my braces and most of all, I love smiling and seeing that my teeth are so straight after such a short time. I would never go anywhere else for braces”- Rachael A.

Special Needs Center… “Understanding their needs”

“I absolutely love your team – they are warm, caring, and gentle… they not only understand the needs of a kid with special needs, and a ‘normal’ child, but they understand and empathize with the overwhelmed parent. I cannot thank you enough and would recommend your office to EVERYONE!”- Sandra S.


Introducing NEXT STEP DENTAL at KidZdent

Offering dental care for our older teen and young adult patients in a more mature setting on the second floor of our building. Dr.Hoque, Katie, Linda, Minal and Basia are excited to begin this new adventure in dentistry at KidZdent!